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Welcome!  My name is Lisa Giroux.  I'm located in Northwest Arkansas near Yellville/Harrison and I travel throughout NW Arkansas and SW Missouri. Please visit the Services page for details on how I can help you train your dog.  For self-help resources, visit my series of articles on the Training Tips page

 What makes my resources and methods different and successful?  It's hard to define, but it has to do with the reason I do this in the first place.  I love people and I love animals.  My methods bring you relief from stress as soon as possible while providing the dog with a better life.  As you read articles on the Training Tips page, you will understand exactly what I mean. It's about improving the family dynamic, keeping people safe, and providing a better life for animals.   You can find out more about me and my menagerie on the About Lisa page.


Lisa Giroux
(870) 656-0366
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training tips  ~  services  ~  links  ~  contact Lisa